Batch Effluent Treatment Station

Say 'yes' to wastewater treatment

Follow environmental legislation

With proper wastewater treatment, you comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines and legal sanctions.

Reduce your costs

Generate more savings for your company by reusing treated water and reducing costs associated with waste disposal.

Optimize your space

Customize your treatment plant according to your specific needs and the size of your facilities.

Improve your corporate image

Your commitment to sustainability can enhance your reputation with clients, investors, and communities.

Be environmentally responsible

With wastewater treatment, you preserve water resources, protecting natural ecosystems and human health.

Tailored, Efficient Treatment for Your Company

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Batch effluent treatment plants are affordable, functional, and ideal for the removal of solid and chemical waste from water. With excellent cost-effectiveness for industries, this type of system can clean a larger volume of water compared to other methods.

How it works

The operating model of batch wastewater treatment plants (ETEs) is simple and practical. Effluents resulting from industrial production are deposited in large cubic capacity tanks. When the liquid volume reaches the established level, the equipment comes into operation, separating water from chemical waste. While the unused material is disposed of according to current regulations, the water is ready to be allocated according to the industry’s needs.


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