In our journey of excellence, we have collected inspiring stories of successful partnerships with various industries.

Our industrial solutions have turned challenges into opportunities, enhancing the performance and sustainability of companies of all sizes.

Rumo ao Paraguai.

Heading to Paraguay

Compact station for industrial effluent treatment, originating from the surface treatment line

Lançamento da Linha de Zincagem Eletrolítica.

Launch of the Electrolytic Galvanizing Line

Intermach 2022 - Joinville/SC - Brazil

Canais de água circulante - UFSC.

Circulating water channels - UFSC

Joinville Campus

Estação de Tratamento de efluentes industriais.

Industrial Effluent Treatment Station

Guayaquil - Equador

Estação de tratamento de efluentes industriais, proveniente da linha de tratamento de superfície para perfis de alumínio.

Industrial effluent treatment station, originating from the surface treatment line for aluminum profiles

Arapongas - Paraná - Brazil

ETE por Batelada destinada ao tratamento de efluentes, proveniente da linha de tratamento de superfície.

Batch Effluent Treatment Station designed for effluent treatment, originating from the surface treatment line

Extrema - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Play Video about Sistema de limpeza de peças por imersão para a Naport.

Immersion parts cleaning system for Naport

Balneário Camboriú – Santa Catarina – Brazil

Gas scrubbers

LJ Santos stands out in manufacturing customized projects to meet the specific demands of its customers. One of its main projects consisted of the design and installation of two gas scrubbers, with a flow capacity of 15 thousand m3/h.

These scrubbers play a crucial role in the treatment of gaseous pollutants from industrial processes, such as corrosive gases, toxic gases, vapors, among other substances.

The equipment works through contact of contaminated air with a neutralizing liquid, sprayed using the pressure of a water pump. The gaseous particles are retained in the liquid, composed of reagents that neutralize polluting substances. The gases then pass through a droplet trap and are released through a chimney, free of any contaminating substance.

This process of neutralizing gaseous pollutants improves air quality in industrial environments and significantly contributes to reducing damage to the health of employees and the environment.


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