Continuous Effluent Treatment Station

Say 'yes' to wastewater treatment

Follow environmental legislation

With proper wastewater treatment, you comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines and legal sanctions.

Reduce your costs

Generate more savings for your company by reusing treated water and reducing costs associated with waste disposal.

Optimize your space

Customize your treatment plant according to your specific needs and the size of your facilities.

Improve your corporate image

Your commitment to sustainability can enhance your reputation with clients, investors, and communities.

Be environmentally responsible

With wastewater treatment, you preserve water resources, protecting natural ecosystems and human health.

Customized, Efficient Treatment for Your Company

Explore the Product

LJ Santos effluent treatment plants are an excellent solution for your industry to manage waste properly, contributing to the preservation of environmental resources. LJ Santos’ continuous ETPs are automated and adapt to the needs of your project. With various size and capacity configurations, the equipment features an exclusive application accessible via smartphone or tablet, facilitating product management and control.

How it works

With a system that can be fully automated, continuous treatment stations work to constantly clean the water. After separating the liquid from the effluents, the water can be reused for sanitary purposes or returned to the company’s production cycle, according to the industry’s needs. Through an exclusive application, the stations can be integrated, and operational cycles adjusted and controlled by the customer, facilitating the usability of the equipment.


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